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Junk Car Removal in Tampa

Looking to get rid of that clunker? Give us a shout and utilize our junk car removal in Tampa and surrounding areas. More and more people are moving to Tampa and it's up to the residents to maintain the beautiful aesthetic here. Your junk car rotting on the lawn? Not helping. Junkers also are a safety risk to the neighborhood residents. That's why junk car removal is necessary and we're here to help!
Whether you have a title for the car or not. Whether it has hundreds of thousands of miles on it or just a few. No one wants the hassel of scrapping a junk car themselves. That's where we, Towing Tampa, come into play. We're a licensed and accredited towing company in Tampa with the tools, experience and staff to handle any kind of junk car. No matter the age or condition, we can usually take the car off your hands.
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Junk Car Removal FAQs

1. What is a junk car?

A vehicle can be considered junk for a number of reasons. The most common reason that a car is considered junk is that it has been in an accident where it was damaged beyond the value of the actual vehicle.

Fire and flood damage are also common reasons why a vehicle may be considered junk. Fire damage can ruin the internal components of the car and hollow out the interior. Flood damage can cause a vehicle to be irreparable due to rust, mold, and other problems.

2. How soon can you remove my junk car?

You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can remove your junk vehicle. Same day usually!  No more waiting weeks to get answers on having the car moved.

We can work quickly to remove it from your property. What’s even better, we have competitive rates, and we save you the trouble of trying to scrap the car yourself.

3. What if my junk car doesn't run?

That’s what we’re here for! Using our junk car removal in Tampa service will get rid of the vehicle for you.

Our professional tow truck drivers are not only concerned with towing your junk car away but also doing so in a timely manner.

Follow so many others in relying on us for your junk car removal needs in Tampa.
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